Dr. Alan Gusching is an experienced orthodontist who has created beautiful smiles over 30 years.  



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Dr. Gusching is an expert practitioner and an assistant professor at The Ohio State University. What makes him different from others is that he is an exceptional teacher. He will give you a generous amount of individualized time and a thorough explanation of your case.

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With three decades of experience in treating thousands of satisfied patients, we know our craft of creating beautiful smiles. Our best practices come from our vast experience, avid participation in professional development, and implementing the latest proven technology. We will give you great results.  

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Gusching Orthodontics offers you a warm welcome at our convenient location. Email or call and we will talk you through each step of the process. We will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan and a comfortable payment plan, which maximizes the benefit of your insurance. 

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