What causes Decay? How Can I Prevent It?

Three things need to be present to have dental decay:

  1. Susceptible, exposed tooth structure 
  2.  The microorganisms in dental plaque 
  3. .Sugar as a nutrient 

 Remove any one of them and decay cannot happen! 

So here's the game plan:

  1. We'll reduce susceptible exposed tooth structures by placing sealers on the facial surfaces before braces are bonded to the teeth. 
  2. We use fluoride to increase the resistance of the enamel to tooth decay. Fluoride is in the bonding agents that hold the brackets in place. 
  3. With more explanation in person, we may recommend you take a prevident 5000 Fluoride (Rx) fluoride supplement once a day. 
  4. We may recommend a topical fluoride varnish professionally applied at 3-6 month intervals by your dentist. Of course, we're happy to answer any of your fluoride questions. 
  5. Reduce microorganisms by brushing and cleaning your teeth. See our other blog posts on the proper steps. 
  6. Reduce your sugar exposure, especially between meal snacks. Not so fun fact: it takes up to 20 minutes for your mouth to clear each bite or sip of sugar containing food or drink. If you must have sugar, use a straw.