The Big Four

We are looking forward to helping you achieve an even more gorgeous smile. Please know, orthodontic treatment is a team effort. We need your commitment in four areas. 

The Big Four: 

1.  Keep everything clean so your teeth and gums stay healthy. 
2. Avoid hard and sticky foods and objects that may damage your braces. 
3. Remember your appointments and be on time. 
4. Follow instructions exactly and wear elastics, retainers, or other devices prescribed to you. 

We want you, even our young patients, to take responsibility for your orthodontic outcome. That's why during the start of treatment we ask you sign a contract to pledge your . While not legally binding, signing your name puts some skin in the game.  After all, it's a big investment of time and money. 

What do we commit to? 

We accept responsibility for implementing your treatment plan and providing the highest quality orthodontics in the shortest possible time for a fair price.